Saturday, 25 May 2013

It’s inauguration time!

It’s inauguration time!

The camper is ready for its European adventure! But before it leaves the Malopolska region, the inauguration has to be completed. And there’s no better place to celebrate this special moment than Lipnica Murowana!

Its name is CAMPER MALOPOLSKI, since Malopolski is representing its place of origin - the Malopolska region.

The Camper’s inauguration took place in a very special location, at the St Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana. Anybody who has already been to Lipnica Murowana and visited the wooden church, knows why this place was chosen for this special event. It has magical atmosphere! One can smell the past centuries and rich history when entering to this little wooden treasure spot. If you’ve been there - you know what we’re talking about :). However, if you have not visited this enchanting church you can at grasp a glimpse of its charm by viewing  our photos of St Leonard’s Church.

Camper Malopolski and its promotional stand at the market squere in Lipnica Murowana

Camper at the market squere in Lipnica Murowana

St Leonard’s Church - bird's eye view

Camper and St Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana 

Camper and St Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana 

St Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana dates from the end of the 15th century and is one of the oldest and most precious wooden churches in Małopolska, entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. According to tradition it was built in 1141 on the site of a pagan temple hence, supposedly, the so-called Światowid’s pillar, a back support for the St. Leonard altar. The church’s interior is decorated by painting (polychrome) from various periods, from the end of the C15th to the beginning of the C18th. The chancel is decorated with: The Crucifixion, The Last Supper and the Last Judgment, while the nave has scenes from The Passion and The Ten Commandments. Among the precious fittings are: a rare processional feretrum with a bas-relief of the Holy Trinity and a music box (still working). 

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